the light of being

The Light of Being / Is not found inside a place / It is where I am. — MLG

My relationship with small rural churches began when, as the offspring of an Iowa pastor in the 1960’s, I was immersed in religious life long before I was old enough to understand the subtle implications of being a “preacher’s kid”. Today my relationship with small rural churches is very personal. I make photographs of the relationship of light as a way of exploring my own feelings about the experiences long ago. 

This project began as an exercise of discovery to first experience the subject for a few moments and then write about what was seen, heard and felt before making any pictures. As I sat in a wooden pew in a tiny rural church late one afternoon writing about my impressions in the lingering light, a flood of long-forgotten memories returned. It was the quality of the light as it danced through the windows, peeked around the doorway, and streamed across the old wooden pews that compelled me to return time and time again to this small rural church and others like it to reclaim my childhood memories.

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within." ~Maya Angelou